Central Intake at Haymarket Center is the first step for access to care.

Individuals seeking treatment will begin either in Central Intake during their business hours, or in the Withdrawal Management (Detox) units outside of Central Intake hours. Individuals may walk in or call Central Intake at 312-226-7984 ext. 480 to make an assessment appointment. 

Central Intake staff will conduct an initial phone screen. Some callers may be deemed more appropriate for another treatment agency or another type of service and will receive a referral.

The admission process includes: 

  • A comprehensive assessment of individual needs using the Global Assessment of Individual Need (GAIN)
  • Psychiatric / psychological services
  • Health screening

Priority Admission Policy

Haymarket Center adheres to requirements set forth by the Code of Federal Regulations pertaining to the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant. As such, Haymarket Center will give preference in admissions as follows:

  • Pregnant injecting drug users 
  • Pregnant substance abusers
  • Injecting drug users
  • All others

As further required by the Illinois Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery, Haymarket Center will give preference in admission among “all others” to:

  • Postpartum women
  • Known HIV infected persons
  • Service Members, Veterans and their families (SMVF)
  • Parenting substance users

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services referrals; persons eligible for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and other women and children; Department of Corrections (DOC) releasees who have completed a prison treatment program; clients of a SUPR “designated program” for DOC released individuals.


The purpose of the assessment is to determine the most appropriate level of care for the patient using American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria. The assessment includes the patient’s family, social, financial, medical, and psychiatric histories, as well as a current physical assessment. The assessment will result in a recommended level of care, which may include withdrawal management (detoxification), residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, or outpatient treatment.