Outreach Program Featured in the Chicago Tribune

Haymarket Center’s outreach program was featured in a recent article from the Chicago Tribune on the influx of people in the city who are experiencing homelessness and seeking shelter at O’Hare International Airport. Jessica Dubuar, Haymarket’s Director of Health and Specialty Services, was interviewed for the article, and detailed the role that Haymarket plays in helping people who are experiencing homelessness access resources.

“We have a number of resources available on site from food and coffee, water, hand sanitizer, masks, those things. We also have clothing available, hygiene products and a few other things,” Jessica said in her interview. “What weʼll also do is invite people to come in and sit down and talk to us. And we do a small assessment with them, exploring all sorts of things from health care, mental health care, substance use, benefits and IDs and all of those things.”

Read the full article.

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