Problem Gambling Awareness Month. Awareness + Action.

March is National Problem Gambling Awareness Month

Haymarket Center is known for its comprehensiveness, rising to meet the holistic needs of clients including addressing problem gambling. With a recent grant from the state of Illinois, Haymarket Center helps clients with problem gambling to increase their awareness of its impact and build new coping skills.

For some, problem gambling can remain an invisible burden co-existing alongside other behavioral health issues. Research suggests that 10 – 15% of individuals with a substance use disorder also have a gambling problem. Every patient who enters treatment at Haymarket Center is assessed for gambling disorder and connected to treatment, if needed. This winter, our program screened 200 Haymarket Center clients in residential treatment for substance use and found 15 with significant gambling problems. “Once we identify problem gambling, we can offer treatment right away to make sure that our clients are fully prepared to pursue recovery,” explains program manager Kenneth Avery.

Perhaps because March Madness can heighten otherwise hidden problem gambling, the national March campaign is an important resource that guides people reaching out for help. Haymarket Center will be spreading the word through social media and direct outreach in barber shops, beauty salons, churches, and other community venues. “We are here to help,” encourages Ken, “and our evidence-based approaches make all the difference.”