Pregnant woman forming a heart with her hands over her belly

OURFAMILY Program cares for Mothers with OUD

Haymarket Center is committed to serving clients in the Opioid Use Recovery for Fetal and Maternal Health in Illinois with care that is holistic, integrated, and trauma-informed. One way is through OURFAMILY Program.

The OURFAMILY program will provide up to 50 pregnant women who are living with opioid use disorder with a 180-day stay in a safe, stable, and structured housing environment. We will also provide three daily meals, laundry, recovery coaching, daily group counseling, and Medication assisted treatment (MAT).

To help support clients, the OURFAMILY Program will provide families with a family therapist as well as a pediatric nurse.

The program family therapist is a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC) who will use trauma-informed care and other practices such as mediation, problem-solving, critical thinking, and conflict-resolution to increase communication between mothers and their peers, children, and other family members.

The OURFAMILY pediatric nurse is a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC), who will provide healthcare services to the children of mothers in the program.

The program will also address an individual’s need for care coordination, and wraparound and community services to support longer-term health, relapse prevention, and family stability.A peer who has two Doula certifications provides a tremendous level of practical and moral support to the women in the program.

To ensure that our clients are provided the full care necessary, Haymarket maintains linkage agreements with housing, legal-aid, employment agencies, health and human services organizations, and providers of primary medical, gynecological, and obstetric care.

In addition to these external linkages, Haymarket will provide a number of community-based onsite services for women in the program through our existing/internal programs, such as employment-related services via our Ann F. Baum Family Enrichment Center and Recovery Works programs.

The program will also provide induction and/or connection to MAT, transportation to and from Haymarket Center, visits from the pediatric nurse, information about tests and possible procedures, help for clients to prepare questions for the medical provider, connections to support staff at the clinic, executive functioning support for scheduling and keeping follow-up appointments, support if requested to review lab results, and family recovery support.

To learn more about the OURFAMILY Program, please contact us at 312-226-7984 or visit our website.