Lake County Residents on the Path to Recovery

On April 28th, Haymarket Center held a graduation ceremony for patients who successfully completed the Integrated Treatment Program (ITP). These graduates successfully maintained two full years of sobriety, obtained gainful employment, and are now living independently. Our recent grads have come a long way before reaching this point, and with the help of Haymarket’s recovery coaches, turned their lives around.

“I had gone through so much in my life while struggling with depression. I had been through the program at Haymarket twice before, but I just hadn’t lost enough,” Ryan H., who graduated from ITP last March, recounts his experience going through the court system while working with our recovery coaches. “After my grandfather passed away, the greatest father figure in my life, I needed to work through all of my past trauma and enter treatment with an open mind.”

Haymarket Center has worked alongside the Lake County legal system to offer substance use treatment to justice-involved individuals for more than 20 years. In order to reduce recidivism, individuals whose substance use disorder is a contributing factor to their crimes are referred to an appropriate level of treatment at Haymarket Center. An integral component of the program are recovery coaches who assess each client and develop an individual recovery plan. The recovery coaches work with each client on their personal goals and support clients as they determine their next steps.

Ryan was able to successfully navigate the program, secured employment, and had zero rule violations. While working the overnight shift at his job, Ryan attended a Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL) certification program during the day, with the help of a grant through the College of Lake County. He was grateful for this healthy and sober environment and worked tirelessly to move forward in his recovery plan.

Upon completion of the program, patients are invited to a graduation ceremony as a badge of honor. There are several community members in attendance, including to their lawyers, the Chief of Police, the Sheriff, and the Judges that have checked in on these patients through their recovery process.

Ryan worked with Judge Christy L. Bishop, recalling the support and encouragement she offered him during his time in the program. “Judge Bishop never stunted my growth and believed in me every step of the way. There isn’t a better judge for that program,” Ryan adds.

Bill Nee, a Recovery Coach that oversees the program, beams when talking about his experience aiding Ryan through his recovery. “It’s such a great feeling to watch Ryan succeed after receiving treatment through Haymarket,” states Bill, “We stay with the client for a whole two years, even beyond that sometimes, and we have the opportunity to watch them live a successful life.”

Ryan is over two years sober and works as a truck driver using the CDL he obtained while in treatment. He plans to purchase his own truck and start his own business after buying a home next year with his wife Alyssa for their two sons and a daughter they are expecting this July. “I want to thank Haymarket and their recovery coaches for believing in me and helping me build a life for myself,” Ryan adds.

From all of us at Haymarket, congratulations to our graduates. We are incredibly proud to serve you throughout the next phase of your lives.

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Featured image: Recovery Coach Bill Nee (left) with Ryan H. at his graduation ceremony